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Terms & Conditions

1. Use

1.1 As a visitor or user of the site from DM Movies you need to be at least 18 years old.

1.2 All models DM Movies is working with or has worked with were at time of the filmtakes 18 years or older and anticipated in their own free wil.

1.3 For some services DM Movies is offering, it is obligated to make use of a sign in account. After signing in you are a user of DM Movies. You are responsible that the information you profide DM Movies with, is filled in according to the thruth and is correct. With this information we mean: Your name and email address. It is not allowed to sign yourself in under somebodyelses email address, unless you have permission from this person.

1.4 On Dm Movies it is possible to leave your comment. If you place a comment you declare:
They don't contain personel information or references about a person younger than 18 years
No form of discrimination: about religion, race, appearance, descent, culture or sexual prefferences
Non violent in nature. Don t threat, insult or hinder other users in whatever way
Not harmful, slanderous or in violation of the privacy of a third party
No commercials or advertisement contain without permission of DM Movies
No viruses, Trojan horses, bugs or any other form that can damage computersystems or are harmful to computersystems
Can't be in any way in conflict with the law or unlawful. Encourage to inlawful acting
Don't contain links to websites that are in conflict with all the points mentioned in section 1.4

1.5 All expressions in your comments which contain personal information is completely at your own risk. Those can be: sharing email addresses, phone numbers, and websites of a personal nature and social media accounts.

2. Content on DM Movies

2.1 All ( intellectual property-) rights contained on, or deriving from (the content of) the website of DM Movies and her licensors. It is explicitly not allowed to copy or make the content op de website of DM Movies publicly. Not allowed to use the content of the site for commercial purposes, this includes: downloading, copy or alter the content. Unless DM Movies or owners explicitly give permission for that.

2.2 On the site of DM Movies can be found applications of third parties. It is possible that the products or services are offered under different disclaimer or conditions than DM Movies applies. DM Movies does not check all the content of those third parties, like applications, text, moving content, sound content, formats, software, brands ( domain names ) and remainder content. The presence of this content does not implicate that DM Movies approved this content. DM Movies is not responsible, for content or way of working or use by her users, of third parties.

3. Privacy statement

In the below standing privacy statement is described how you personal information is processed by DM Movies. Personal information of users from DM Movies her products and services is processed with great care and security. DM Movies is bounded by the law protection of personal information.

3.1 Saving and processing personal information: With registration at DM Movies you leave some personal information, like your contact information, your preferences, interests and eventual some pictures. Beside you have the possibility at DM Movies to leave some extra special information, like information about your personal sexual life.
When you leave this information you explicitly agree that DM Movies can use this information for purposes described here below:
For use in statistic analyses, for the benefit of management activities, product- and services development, deciding of strategy and marketing activities.
To send you a newsletter by DM Movies, as well for marketing activities to keep you posted, by email or by telephone, about products and services by DM Movies.
If there is a legal obligation for DM Movies.
The by you prefidede personal information are covered by DM Movies. You personal information is not shared with other companies or institutions.

3.2 Protection information: DM Movies is using extensive safety procedures to protect the processed information, so third parties do not have access to this records. DM Movies is however not responsible for any loss, damage or any kind of consequence of content or information.

3.3 Use of cookies: DM Movies can offer by the use of the site to use cookies to identify you so you can get easier access to the site. A cookie is a small and simple file which is stored on the hard drive of your computer. DM Movies can offer you with the use of the website to use the cookies so we can identify you with your next visit as a user. DM Movies can gather information about your use of our site. The collected information will not be used for commercial purpose and will not be sold in any way.

3.4 Click behaviour: On the website will be collected information to see which content has the most interest of users. In this way we can anticipate on the users interests and are we able to adapt the site on that interest.

3.5 Personal: It is not allowed that a user makes a profile for somebody else, to transfer this account and/or let somebody else use this account. When for what ever reason the information from a user is not correct anymore or complete, than the user has to up date the information. When a user fills in incorrect or incomplete information about himself and when DM Movies finds out that the information is not correct or incomplete, DM Movies can decide to terminate or suspend the account.

3.6 Information about other users: It is not allowed to use personal information of third parties, which you are able to get of DM Movies, for any purpose, including transferring this personal information to third parties or sending mailings to person which you have the information from through DM Movies. You declare not to send out junkmail, spam, chainletters, mailings or bulk distribution in email to users or formal users of DM Movies.

4. Owner of personal information:

Damel Media V.O.F.
Gravin Juliana van Stolberglaan 861
2263 BB Leidschendam
The Netherlands
Phone: 0031614838698 (only use in case of technical issues)
Kvk-number: 67247318
BTW-number: NL856894400B01

5. Alterations

These terms of use, including the privacy statement, can be altered at al time by DM Movies. These alterations are operative from the moment from the moment they are on DM Movies. We advise you to check the terms of use regular.